Sunday, 22 February 2015

For Readers, Growers & Photo Takers.

I probably should have come up with a snappier title for this post, it's pretty much a little catch up of what I've been up to and discovering over the last week or so. You may remember a little over a month ago (isn't it weird that we're only a couple of months into the year but we talk about how fast this year's going?!) I posted about my reading list for 2015. I ventured into my local TkMaxx last week and came across a whole SIX Nick Hornby books for £10! I really couldn't resist even if it did mean almost snapping my arm taking a photo of my new list of books to read. I'm currently still re-reading 'To Kill a Mockingbird;' inspired by the recent Harper Lee controversy but I'd better crack on and get started on some of these new ones! Has anyone read anything on my book list? I'd love some recommendations on what to start next! Or maybe one of these books is currently stacked up, waiting to be read by you? If so, let me know and we could read along together! 

My wonderful gift selection from Leona for my birthday (which is always the best birthday gift selection!) Included this lovely little porcelain plant pot and pack of forget me nots' which I started growing about a week later to cries of Harps shouting 'They won't grow, you're planting them too early." Well shove this in your face fecker, they have just started to sprout over the last couple of days and I'm very excited by all their germinating and growing and stuff! New house plant high five to you all! 

I also have started to buy little bits here and there for our wedding next year. I have the theory that if I buy the odd bits throughout this year, the financial tornado won't completely fuck me over next year. Great plan right? So I've been collecting a variety of thank you cards, from robots to hand drawn illustrations (who says everyone needs to get the same design?!) and last week I came across this brilliant company online called PrintKlub where you can get your Instagram or Facebook photos printed into polaroids. It was really a good price and I want to make a little display at our wedding, after a few clicks they were ordered. I was delighted when just a few days later, the adorable box that they came in arrived, showcasing my fancy little polaroids that were great quality. I'm super impressed and will definitely be using them again! If you fancy ordering some yourself, you can get €5 off by using the code SOPRUQ!

Lastly, how brilliant is pancake day? We gorged ourselves on all the pancakes and it was delicious. What's your favourite topping? 

Love Sophie Xx


  1. haha! I love when Jake says something then I end up being right! Nothing like a good sprouting bud.

    I had my first pancake this year but wasnt a fan of the mix we used...we had it with mint choc chip ice cream and sugar...that was the best part!


  2. Bravo on your Forget-Me-Not triumph, happy bloody days eh?
    And yep, best wedding (financial)spreading plan ever.
    I have too many of you to catch up on, I feel stressed by it. And I haven't even read any of the bloody books. I've got NOTHING.
    M x


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