Friday, 20 February 2015

The 'Me Time' Tag.

There's a pretty damn fancy lady over on a certain blog by the name of Danielle, if you're looking for some animal loving, alternative lifestyle, tattoo inspiration or just a generally awesome friend, be sure to check her out at Underland To Wonderland (she also has a snazzy new header!). Tagged by this delicious woman (in a half creepy/half non creepy way) to complete the 'Me Time' tag gives me a nice chance to not only share with you some personal development changes that I'm making but also gives me a chance to force you all into completing the same thing so I can have a good ol nose at your secret lives...

1) What do you watch/ read during 'me time'?

I go through fazes for months of wither reading at a supersonic speed OR reading nothing at all. I flit between just reading the bare minimum on news websites etc to going through 500 page+ novels in a matter of hours. 'A sporadic reader' Harps calls me and it really frustrates him because all of a sudden there'll be ten new books in the house and I'll be zooming through them. On that note, after a good twelve months of not using it, I'm back to updating on Goodreads! Have a little gander at what I'm waiting to read here and let's be reading friends! I have all the guilty pleasures to watch in the world; Catfish, Jeremy Kyle, Millionaire Matchmaker, River Cottage, Come dine with me...the list goes one really. I don't watch any soaps though if that helps?

2) What do you wear during 'me time'?

Errmm...I don't think I can really answer that because it depends what I'm doing. Sometimes it's the obvious pyjamas and dressing gown (not housecoat Leona!) for reading and the mentioned above, binge watching. Sometimes for 'me time' there's nothing nicer then getting dressed up super duper pretty and flouncing around like a princess.

3) What are your 'me time' beauty products?

There's no such thing? I'm not really a beauty kinda gal? I like to pop on a bit of lipstick sometimes when I'm being grown up and fancy? And I still love a bath with lush filled goodies? Does dying my hair count?

4) Current favourite nail polish?

Once again, I don't really have a favourite at the moment? I bit my nails up until literally last year and can only just manage to paint one hand, the other looking like some abstract art piece! So I don't really paint them at all! I've never got my nails done at a fancy nail place though, something I'd quite like to do this year. Out of brands of nail varnish, I really like Soigné, it stays on so well and the colour is always amazing!

5) What do you eat/drink during 'me time'?

I'm becoming a bit of a foodie. I think it must be my age slowly creeping up on me. For years, living with a fussy eater (Harps) meant that I got into a food rut because if I was going to go anywhere to eat, it'd probably be with him. Since last year I've started leaving him behind and catch up days with friends have become less about a cheap pub and more about trying delicious new places to eat. I absolutely LOVE it, it's probably one of my favourite 'me time' things to do and I'm lucky that my friends are also at the age of trying fancy new foods! 

6) Current favourite candle?

Oooh I have a couple, there's a shop near where I work that has Yankee candles for sale pretty cheap so I had a bit of a stock up on their 'fluffy towels' scent. It's heavenly and makes every room smell fresh and snuggly and perfect. For my birthday I was also gifted a Chelsea tea fruits candle that's lasting forever and smells like spring is coming which fills me with joy of course.

7) How do you spend outdoor 'me time'?

Cornwall is just the best for outdoor time and you'll usually find me by a beach or in some woods or flouncing in a field somewhere. That reminds me, this year I'd really like to arrange a blogging picnic! Would anyone be keen for this?

8) Would you go and see a movie alone?

Yeah sure, I've been to the cinema alone before and it's really rather nice! Nobody except the staff know that all that cinema food is just for you, you can sit where you want and no interruptions! Thinking about it, I don't see why I ever go with people!?

9) Favourite online shop?

Ohh hard one! It's probably Etsy but I've got a massive obsession with browsing holiday websites (secretly honeymoon planning commencing!)

10) Anything else to add? Any other thoughts/ plans for 'me time'?


I tag some lovely ladies...Leona, Michelle, Sunae, Sam and Louisa...time to get nosey ladies!

Love Sophie Xx


  1. this tag looks fun !

    1. Ahhh you should definitely do it and tag me on twitter so I can read it! XX

  2. Such a good post! I love tags like this :) x

    Elizabeth -

    1. Ahh I officially tag you too Elizabeth! Your first tagged post on your blog, I feel so proud! haha Xx

  3. Shall we go to the cinema alone together? I'd like that.
    M x

  4. Thanks for the tag lady! I'd definitely be up for a blogging picnic as well, that sounds like an excellent idea - on a beach somewhere? in the sunshine? I can bring pie and cake :-) xx


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