Thursday, 19 February 2015

Windy Walks & Beach Badgers.

On a windy day off within the last few weeks, mother asked as to whether I'd like to walk the spaniels with her. Practically scratching at the walls with no access to my laptop, I jumped at the chance for a little catch up time and to blow the cobwebs away. After spending a little time walking I began to tell tales of the lesser spotted beach badgers that had dug holes just like this one << in the sand.

Mother thinking she's much smarter disagreed but hey, not everyone can be as in the know as I am.

Winter walks on the beach are some of my favourite. There's hardly anyone there besides the fellow dog walkers and this results in lots of doggy related chit chat.

Me: "Look that dog has a coat on, why don't your dogs get coats?"
Mother: "They don't need coats, they're warm enough as they are!"
Me: "Well I'm sure they'd be happier if they were even warmer, I'm going to call the authorities."
Mother: "That dog has a purple coat on and it looks ridiculous."
Me: *Spots whippet* " That dog definitely needs his coat!"

And so on and so fourth.

Followed by many doggie butt sniffing awkward interactions with other dogs. 

Aaah winter.

Love Sophie Xx