Friday, 27 February 2015

The China Spaniel Awards!

You may recall in the spring of last year how I got VERY excited when I spotted a bemused looking, china dog in a shop in Charlestown (posted about here) and one evening last week, Harps's mum was visiting from York and we went to the pub for a spot of dinner. As soon as I stepped in, I was faced with the most glorious sight...SO MANY CHINA SPANIEL DOGS! Honestly, this tavern was a treasure chest of china spaniels! Sadly I was there for a proper, grown up dinner and sneakily took a few blurry snaps on my way to our table. Here I present to you all the first official blogging China Spaniel Awards!

The first award goes to..*drumroll*

Oh! Leona- My Fun Filled Weekend. Not only do you get a china spaniel award BUT a ticket to the gun show with those strong man arms! Honestly, reading this incredibly busy weekend made me feel like I needed a lie down afterwards. DIY champion-check. Baby whisperer and carer- check. Sunday roast eater- check. I find myself singing Destiny Child songs at the screen as I type about this. Kudos to you on your well deserving china spaniel award. This chappy looks like he's just seen you do something impressive like all of the above. He's saying "Oh touché!"

Oh and this counts as an extra birthday gift by the way...

 The second award goes to...

A Rosie Outlook- Wedding Invitations.  Not only are Rosie's wedding invitations totally beautiful but she's recommended a company for the printing (which I have been on the hunt for for a little while now!) It's perfect timing because I want to get our invitations printed soon and there's a little cheeky 10% off discount code! It's reassuring knowing somebody who's actually used an online printing company, especially as invitations are probably one of the only things we really can't settle on. Harps doesn't understand why weddings have to be so floral and I can't understand why he's such a man. *sigh* We've narrowed it down to a couple of companies now so it shouldn't be too long! I'm also awarding Rosie because it's getting super close to her wedding now and I really can't wait to see what else she shares in the run up to it! You get a fancy blue china spaniel adorned in gold jewellery- a total monarch in the china spaniel world I'm sure!

The third award goes to...

Tracey Warbey Photography- Southwest Wedding Awards Finalist 2015! Which you can pretty much guess from the title is just incredible and I'm so so proud of her! If you haven't yet, do pop on over to her side of the web and check out her fabulous skills. I'm so excited for her to capture my wedding day. I'm excited to have one of my good friends be with me all day long and for her to share all of those memories with me. Congratulations lovely lady! Really, you've already won one award so the next one will be just a bonus ;-)! 

I honestly had the best time in this glorious little pub and I'm only sorry that I didn't sneak off and take more photos (they have the most incredible clock collection!) If you happen to be near Wadebridge in Cornwall, pop to Egloshayle and visit The Earl of St Vincent! Just don't steal their china spaniels (they're not real awards guys!)

Love Sophie Xx

*All China Spaniel Awards are purely metaphorical and cannot be traded for a real-life spaniel. I hold no responsibility if there is suddenly a spate of china spaniel robberies across the world.*


  1. Haha, this is the strangest, most wonderful idea for a post!

    p.s. that blue and white spaniel in particular is a total beaut!


  2. So I have real spaniels, I guess that's why I didn't get a china one? That and the fact that Leona's award is the stuff of nightmares. What's with the face??
    Rosie's wedding invitation post was ruddy bloody brilliant.
    M x


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