Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Plymouth College of Art- Graduate Fashion Show 2014 Kickstarter #FASHIONSTUDENTPROBLEMS

So it feels actually insane that my best friend is going to graduate this year! It seems like just six months ago that she was filling in her application, panicking that she wouldn't get in because she was "too old". Hahaha! And look what's happening now, Stacie you're going to graduate! And though I could quite happily make a post all about how proud I am, how excited I am for the future, and how fucking awesome you are...this isn't about just you. The hard work and commitment that I have witnessed through my own friend, but that I know all of the fashion students have put in, to their designs is spectacular, and I'm so excited to see the results! I know that I'll be there to be inspired!

*Images taken by me.

Which brings me to my next point. The next 34 days are crucial to the fashion graduates of 2014, they need to fundraise, beg, sell their creations and search their sofas ready to present their final collections to the world on 28th May 2014. It has been estimated that the total cost of the show will cost around £17000.00 to hold; and by donating even just a pound, you'll be helping to encourage, contribute and celebrate their final collections with us all. Check out this cute video they made!

Please help and support our flowering, innovative and talented young British designers.
Oh, and keep the support trending with #FASHIONSTUDENTPROBLEMS

Love Sophie! XX

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  1. Love you Sophie <3 And thank you on behalf of all the Ba Fashion Students at PCA for sharing our campaign :) #FASHIONSTUDENTPROBLEMS


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