Thursday, 13 February 2014

Thankful Thursday

Good evening everyone! I hope that you're all having a splendid week and that none of you are too badly affected by the stormy weather! I know a few people that have been stranded and a couple that have even been evacuated! I hope you're all staying safe out there! I am in a pretty pretty pretty pretty good mood this evening. (Get me sneaking Larry David quotes into this!) I can't tell you why; I think it's just the resuming health and starting to feel the love vibes for ol' St Valentines tomorrow?! Not that Harps and I do anything, except the cheesiest card we can find. :-)...Which brings me on nicely to my thanks for the week...

  • People misunderstanding you. This afternoon I was paying for something in a shop when I had just found out that you are supposed to use the correct word for finace or fiancee depending on whether the person is male or female. (Now that somebody told me, I can't believe I didn't link it all together! Cheers GCSE french!)...Anyway, I said to the woman serving me..."I didn't realise there was a male and a female fiance."..To which she replied..."No me neither dear, I thought there was just the one Beyonce!"....I COULD HAVE DIED WITH LAUGHTER! Infact, I'm still laughing now...And if you're wondering, no I didn't correct her. Mainly because I like the thought that she'll go home tonight an say to someone "Did you know there's a male Beyonce?!" Hahahaha! 

  • My first Valentines as an engaged lady. I say this in my fanciest voice because it makes me feel super fancy. So fancy that I do a little squeal in my head everytime I think about it! Harps and I aren't the types to do anything special for Valentines. Usually we'll have a take-away but tomorrow I'm going to cook us a lovely dinner! And instead of competing in the cheesy card contest, I got so overwhelmed in the card shop with all the adorable, sickly messages..THAT I CRIED..With joy of course...But oh God, how embarrassing is that?! The poor blokes that sort of hurried past me must have thought that I was crying because I was alone and depressed! Haha, but really it was just so exciting getting a card with fiance on for Harps that I couldn't contain myself! So I opted for a soppy one. Lame of me I know. P.s...don't I look like grumpycat in this?!

  • Rice pudding. Now I know that it's a pretty 'marmite' sort of food...But I'm telling you now, it saved my life when I couldn't speak at the beginning of the week. (Also note, that my rediscovering my love for honey is included in this!)

  • This word. Is it the same word when you're an adult but still live like this?
  • When you're freezing cold and someone makes you a hot drink. I love the dropping of the shoulders..."Aaahhhhh...." 

As always, a very special thanks very much to Lisette and Liona for inspiring me to be more thankful! And to all of you, I hope that you have a very beautiful Valentines Day with the man, woman, friends, cat or rabbit that you love. This year I feel extra lovely!

Love Sophie XX


  1. I like that people might read your posts and think "Why is she always spelling Leona's name wrong?".
    Liam and I don't really do Valentine's Day either, he's making us a yummy tea but that's as special as it gets for us. Which is pretty special to me to be honest. Have a splendid Valentine's Day Shark & Balsam.x

  2. I thought this just this evening about your name...and then decided that I didn't care. Hahaha. I tagged you properly though. Just incase. Liam is quite the secret chef really isn't he?! I saw that SHAMAZING Chinese he made the other day and salivated rather a lot. Have a wondrous Valentine's Day Liona and Leopard xxx

  3. Naww, all the soppy fiancé stuff has me all in a dither! I'm not even engaged and I still cried while trying to choose a card for Jake yesterday. I was hell bent on buying one that said "To do list, Feb 14" on the front of a smeg fridge on the cover and "ME!" on the inside, but I also walked out with a soppy one after shedding some tears haha. I also have to admit, I was secretly hoping the little lump in the card Jake handed me this morning was a ring, but it was a voucher instead. I felt pretty silly for thinking it after that haha xx


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