Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #3 The Impending Doom Of Jellyfish, A Unique Model, Steve Carell's High School Moustache & Some Beautiful Photography.

Good evening happy bloggers and readers! Today's post is a bit of a crowded one, so excuse me for keeping my comments short and sweet. Please if you have the time, have a good look at everything and feel free to chat about what you read. I hope this weeks Weird and Wonderful News will make you smile!

So firstly...Lets get this out of the way. Jellyfish are taking over the world. FACT. I've been aware of their impending doom on us all for about a year now. I think it mainly started from stumbling across articles that mention them shutting down factories, ruining eco systems and manifesting their wobbly selves in too many places for my liking. What's worse is that they are multiplying at an alarming rate....I'm on to you jellyfish! So other than Unicorn Farmer, I'm also considering a career in jellyfish battle plotting. Let me know if you're looking for a job! Haha. Here's a few different articles that will enlighten you in the dangerous world of the jellyfish. You have been warned.

Model Melanie Gaydos’s Fight for High Fashion Via Thedailybeast

"Born with a condition called ectodermal dysplasia, Melanie Gaydos refuses to let her unconventional looks stop her from realizing her dream of becoming a high-fashion model."

Now I'd like to make a point here, that it isn't actually her disability that I feel you should be focused on here. Her attitude in the art world and in life is just amazing and she takes just an amazing photo! Her versatility in the images I've seen is creative and full of the most brilliant confidence and I can't wait to see Melanie Gaydos storm the high fashion world! 

Six-year-old schoolboy suspended for having Mini Cheddars in his lunchbox has now been expelled..... Via

This just infuriates me. A six year old boy was expelled from his primary school near Slough, Berks, because his parents didn't adhere to the schools strict "balanced diet" regulations. IT'S FUCKING MINI CHEDDERS! Please. Ludicrous. 

8 Stunning Portraits Capture Blindness In A Different Light  Via

These are two of my favourite images from the series titled 'Blind' by Julia Fullerton-Batten. She has a personal emotion towards capturing these images since her father-in-law's sight deteriorated every time she visited him. She was so overcome with his strength and bravery that she decided to capture the worlds of the blind in places that were personal to them. I find these images beautiful. Please do have a little browse.

Lastly, here's Steve Carell's AMAZING MOUSTACHE!

You're welcome.

Love Sophie XX

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  1. Can't lie, I scrolled straight to the 'tache. It's magnificent.
    Then scrolled up and became enraged at mini cheddar-gate. Knobs.
    Refuse to read anything about jellyfish...but thanks for sharing!
    M x Life Outside London


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