Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Some Photoshoot Outtakes & My Weekend!

Hello lovely world. It's my day off today, and despite having plans fall through, I could go to sleep right now. I think the freakishly cold weather is finally getting to me..Feeling rather blocked and weak. So no face photos today; instead you all get a lovely view of my new tartan coat. I had to go and get tobacco. That has been the extent of my venturing today. Anyway, all this results in a rather quiet and grumpy Sophie. Probably best that I'm home alone. Haha. 
I've been having some problems with my email address, so a few months ago when I asked my good friend and awesome photographer, Tracey Warbey (See my post yesterday about her!), to send me some outtakes of our shoots together. I figured she'd forgotten. It wasn't until I saw her on Sunday and realised that infact, she HAD sent them to me...That I present to you some amusing photos of our adventures!

So on Sunday we went to Carlyon Bay beach. I haven't actually been there since I was a little girl; mainly because you can't walk doggys on there for most of the year. It was nice to go back. And I haven't been to the beach in ages. I don't want to spoil too much for when the images are published, but I had a very special guest with me in the photos, which made it all really fun. She was so pretty and professional for a young girl in freezing weather, that I really hope Tracey wants to use her again! I'll tell you all more about it with the pictures. But let me just say now, you'd all better be impressed by how hardcore I was in that bloody weather...(Probably why I'm ill now..)

I'm off to crawl under a blanket. See you tomorrow for 

Love Sophie XX

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