Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Location Location Location: Mimi's Vintage Diner- Half a Review.

Good Morning one and all. As you may (and should) have read, yesterday Harps and I visited our probable wedding venue (get more sure by the hour). Afterwards, we visited a mixture of his family, and it wasn't until about 4pm that we were actually heading home and realised that we hadn't eaten anything! Stomachs growling, the ever gent, Harps offered to buy me lunch! Snapping up the offer, and though rather bedraggled from the mornings rain, I suggested Mimi's Vintage Diner. En route home AND I've been wanting to go there for ages. We figured that since it's pretty small (must seat 50 max) and was a quiet time of day that we could stop in, grab a tasty burger (and discuss more wedding excitement!) and go on home. 

Photo used from Facebook page, please contact for removal.

Seeming like the ideal place for a vintage lover, the decor doesn't disappoint. Kitted out, even the waitresses looked lovely in their retro uniforms. We were greeted and seated very quickly and began to look at the menus. A lovely young lady popped up along side us with a tablet (seriously, a tablet? There is literally three metres separating them from the kitchen, not really vintage. Harps and I hoped that they'd shout it 50's style, or at least have a pencil behind the ear/in the cute uniform pocket) and took our order. I wanted a vanilla thick shake, and Harp's a banana one. At the same time we ordered our food, for Harps, a simple 1/4 cheese and bacon burger and I had a single hot dog- both with fries. Excited about the retro style, American style menu, I watched others food come out, watering at the mouth. There were three other tables seated, all with max 5 people- one table already was finishing their food when we arrived, another receiving theirs as we sat down. Fifteen minutes later, our thick shakes arrived, both looking identical. To which the waitress told us that 'she wasn't sure which was which.' So I tasted both for us, neither of which tasted like much. My vanilla milkshake, I'm suspiciously certain was just thick milk. I would have rather someone had swung by and said 'We're pretty much out of vanilla and banana, could you get something else?' To which I would have replied: 'Of course, I chuffing love all milkshakes!'...

A further fifteen minutes later,  food started leaving the kitchen, but alas it was going the other way. The waitress must have caught me staring, wondering how quickly I would get arrested for stealing someone else's food, as she asked if I was ok? I asked how long our food would be (seriously, there were 5 other people to cook for in the restaurant at the time) and she went to check. She swiftly came back and told us that the chef was just finishing up the other table, and would be on ours right away. This would be another 25 minutes. I thanked her and checked that our order hadn't actually been started yet (it hadn't) and told her to cancel it. I never thought I'd be so disappointed, but at a close to an hour wait, when there's 5 other people to cook for and it's a BURGER AND HOT DOG, I was fed up that my wedding hyped mood had been smushed. We paid for our milkshakes (full price might I add!) and left. 

I really don't know how to explain this. I assure you everyone I know that has been there, only has great things to say! But on that basis, I won't be returning, sadly. One of the reasons I chose there was that I couldn't wait to show it off to you all, I never in a million years I'd be left feeling flat.

Love Sophie Xx