Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Weird & Wonderful News Wednesday #23 Fringe Fever, Photo Albuming and Being Stalked By Batman.

Good morning Wednesday Wonderers! I hope that you've all been enjoying settling back into life since that lovely bank holiday that we were treated to! With summer drawing to a close, daunting on me every time I leave the house, now accompanied by a scarf and hood of some kind- I can feel the mornings getting darker and the eerie, giant spiders, knocking on my windows, eyeing my face up as an appropriate new place to live, I'm sure. I decided that it was time for the winter fringe to make a come back, what do we all think? Hand sawed by moi, without glasses may I add? (I'm not sure that I should be admitting to this? ) I always love having a fringe...for three days. By day four, I'm cursing in the mirror, half asleep, frantically trying to tame it. Still, I guess you've got to weigh it up with not having to pluck your eyebrows for a while...Silver linings and all that. Batman has taken quite the fancy to it, predominantly stalking me like a little creep, and I'm not convinced entirely that he wasn't eating my hair. Saying that, I probably won't notice until some kind stranger points out the bald patch in a few months time. 

Thanks to the ever perfection that is Liona, I have discovered a new favourite obsession pastime. Photo albuming! The brilliant new app- Free Prints, gives you 500 free YES FREE photos a year. All you have to pay for is the postage, which when I ordered 40+ prints last week, was around £2! I have to say, the app was really easy to use and I was amazed how quickly they all arrived. So quickly in fact that I hadn't even had the chance to buy a new album! Yesterday I popped to Wilko and found these traditional (they remind me of proper family albums) red self arranging ones for under a fiver! I have quite happily spent a number of hours now, fumbling with both old and new photos, sorting and grouping, reminiscing and chuckling and basically, what I'm getting at...Is that it's been really rather splendid.

What have you all been up to so far this week? What with autumn approaching, I can feel my normal news posts returning soon. Until then, enjoy the rest of the week lovely readers.
Love Sophie and Creepy Batman.