Thursday, 21 August 2014

Thankful Thursday.

Is it just me, or now that the sun has for sure disappeared for another year, is the week going INCREDIBLY slowly? Boooo! I miss summer already. I'm all in my autumn coat (see above) and this was my genuine face for my entire walk to work this morning (hence the tired chic look) because I WAS FREEZING COLD! I've had a couple of things on my mind this week and decided not to post yesterday because why would anyone want to read a half assed/ miserable post? I still haven't quite emerged from my funk today, so please bare with me if this post seems a little rambley. 

It's not that anything is wrong, far from it. I'm fine- who couldn't be with this snazzy set up for breakfast on my day off? Just a bit reflective and deep in thought. i've been thinking a lot about trust. As someone who's pretty naive, an open book, to a certain extent. I trust easily. This hasn't always been the case, in fact if you speak to anyone who's known me for longer than say, three years. They'd have laughed in your face. I think a combination of Harps calming nature, losing Grandpa and other big changes have broken softened me. The shell was cracked a while ago and now I'm one for giving people the benefit of the doubt. I share myself quite honestly, after years of hiding myself. I am proud of who I am, the choices I've made and though have lost a lot of friends that I thought I never would be without- I've also made some keepers. Naively, again, I have trusted myself that others are as genuine as I am. I don't think it's a bad quality necessarily, but sometimes it can come back to bite you. Now it hasn't 'bitten' me so to speak, more 'nibbled'. That nibble is enough to have put me into my slight funk and slightly reflective. I'd love to know how you guys and gals are when it comes to trust? 

This week I'm thankful for...

The people who guide me, prompt me and take that little bit of care of me when I've let someone in that maybe I shouldn't have. I'm thankful for the people in my life that take the time to say 'Be careful Sophie.' And lastly, I'm thankful to those sneaky little snakes- for keeping me on my toes.

Thank you Lisette and Leona for inspiring me to be more thankful. And for being lovely ladies.
Love Sophie Xx


  1. Trust is so me, it's a dealbreaker if I can't trust someone. I have a lot of trust in people,and if they break that trust it is going to take a lot of work to build back up again!
    ~ Samantha

  2. Aww I'm sorry to hear you're in a funk. I am similar to you in that I am quick to trust, and it certainly does come back to bite you sometimes. I've always been the type to give people the benefit of the doubt and offer far more chances that I probably should. I don't think I'll ever learn! I'm glad you have a good support network in your life to help you when these things happen You're a beautiful person xxx


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