Thursday, 7 August 2014

Thankful Thursday- A Big One...

You may remember a post I wrote for another thankful Thursday a few months back. It was about a visit to Little Harbour, a children's hospice local to me. Please if you didn't have a read then, check it out now quickly. I talked about the amazing, inspirational and heart warming place that it is; I also blubbed almost constantly whilst writing it. The aim of the game was to do some sort of fundraising for them, and after the visit it was set in stone. I am so very lucky to work for a company that encourages charitable work; so much so that they will match whatever I raise for a charity. Seems like a no brainer to getting involved right? So as you've seen me over the last few months, dressing as a bear and bucket collecting for CHICKS, helping out at a local fete for The Lowan Ward and hosting a poker tournament for Bosom Buddies UK. This time, my whole branch was getting involved! So many friends, family members and local bakeries helped us produce the most amazing cake stall and we all headed down to Porthpean Education Centre for a super duper family fun day! Thank you to every single person that supported us, baked their little hearts out and came along for the fun. Here's some of my favourite photos of the day! 

We also had pin the tail on the donkey...but it was rubbish and only two people played all day..

I made some snazzy peanut butter brownies, courtesy of Lisette.

Our official branch mascot- Lola.

Look at all the lovely cakes!

The fanciest cakes made! Froggies! 

Some delicious black forest cupcakes.


Sasha and I. Another branches mascot and my good pal :-)

Sasha getting fondled at the dog show.

I escaped to go on the bouncy castle JUST as my mum arrived and caught me in the act. Sorry to everyone that saw my panties.

Aaah end of the day and almost sold out.

Thank you Lisette and Leona for inspiring me to be more thankful.
Really couldn't be more thankful.
Love Sophie Xx


  1. This is gorgeous, Sophie! I used to be involved in a lot of charitable work and I miss it. Time to get off my bottom and do something about it, I think! xx

  2. Looks awesome, Sophie. Well done :) and those frog cakes!!!! wowww!!! x

    1. They're so snazzy aren't they? Thankyou very much XX

  3. Aaah it's so rewarding isn't it?? I just really feel that It'd be nice to actually have an impact on my community? I don't want to be one of those people that moan about what's wrong but never does anything to change it? xx


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