Thursday, 14 August 2014

Thankful Thursday

Good evening Thursday thunder cats, how are we all doing this week? Anyone with exciting plans should share them with me because I've had a long, tiring day and can barely see the screen as I type. For this reason, I'm going to make this week's post short and sweet and then sink in a bubbly bubble bath and sing my heart out to Johnny Cash like a drunk cowboy...You're welcome for that mental image.

I am very thankful this week though;

1) Saturday night birthday palooza!- We had some friends over for a summer palooza, planned a lovely bbq, got some bunting, planned to play board games in the back garden until the stars came out....and it sodding rained. LOADS. You can see from the top, centre picture that Harps and I got out art attack skills out and fashioned a bbq shelter (we had a LOT of meat) out of some plastic sheet, some pegs, a lot of staples and some string. Winners! I had a super time.

2) Blueberry pancakes- We had these the next morning- DELICIOUS. 

3) My birthday boy- Harps is now closer to thirty than twenty and for the last few months I think he's secretly been thinking of starting to grow up some more. Crazy stuff!

4) Mango Juice- MANGO MANGO

5) Awareness about depression- I posted this status, below, on Facebook about the sad, recent news of Robin Williams. I'm thankful that I've had such amazing friends and family supporting me that I am currently not dependant on medication nor seeing any therapists. 

 'The ignorance circulating around the sad loss of Robin Williams has brought a still, sadly, taboo subject of depression to the forefront of our minds. Comments like "What does he have to be depressed about?" shock and appal me from people that I'd have judged higher than that. Inspired by this and my darling Pete Marsh's forthcoming and eloquent admission of his own depression, I choose to do the same. Depression is an foe that I've been at battle with for a number of years.
The statistics tell us that one in three of us will face some kind of mental illness in our lives, that you would expect a more understanding and caring world by now. Sadly, illnesses with sometimes little or no physical symptoms can be ignored or even doubted and I myself, still today, in a good spell, get judged and labelled as 'mental'. Mental illness to me, is like shadow, casting doubt on your confidence, self belief and yes, at times- sanity. In my opinion strength in measured in many ways and Robin Williams, a man who candidly spoke of his battle with depression, lost the strength to continue the fight. For this, we shouldn't judge in our glass houses; simply remember a beloved icon and maybe take the time to learn a little more.'

I've just remembered that I need to bake a cake for work tomorrow, so best be off. Thankyou to Lisette (CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR MOVING NEWS!!!) & Leona for inspiring me to be more thankful.

Love Sophie Xx