Saturday, 21 November 2015

Batman Diaries #10 In Sickness & In Health.

It can be pretty hard to tell when your completely black, unable to sit still and horribly fidgety rabbit isn't quite right. I think the main thing that fellow pet owners would agree on when your pet's sick is a change in their behaviour. Batman is usually pretty upbeat, leaping across the sofas and lapping around the room. Basically, when he stays still for long periods of time and you can't hear him snoring loudly, there's something wrong. He was eating, drinking and pooping just fine but we noticed that he wasn't putting any pressure on his back leg, holding it close to his body and walking instead of running. After a day of resting in his hutch, limiting his movement, things still weren't right. Time for a trip to the vets. 

At almost three, Batman has only been to the vets once before on dreaded "Ball-a-versary" and I was anxious about how he'd behave. Previously he's been prefect. right up until the vet handed him back to us stating "He's still pretty drowsy from the anaesthetic" He bit her. Sending Harps in and telling Batman I loved him, I'm ashamed to admit I stayed in the reception, tearing at the thought of the vet having to examine him and the pain it might cause ( I know this is really pathetic. Deal with it.) I heard whoops and laughs coming from the room and thought "What have they done?!" Turns out Batman felt well enough to leap from the scales onto the floor. A few minutes later they came out, prescribing Bats some pain killer in a little syringe, stating he'd probably pulled a muscle. He needed to rest. Now the first time Batman tried his medicine I was amazed at how well behaved he was. In hindsight it was more than likely down to being glad to get home. Every night after was like a military operation.

Soon Batman was back to normal, lounging on the bed and generally loving life since the heating has been on in the evenings. Batman loves snuggling in winter.

Love Sophie & Batman Xx