Thursday, 5 November 2015

The Last November Anniversary.

Celebrating our anniversaries has long been a day of comforts. The first three years we'd go on a little shopping spree for each other. Bags full and arms heavy, we'd settle down with a take-away and film. Simple but exciting. There are still jumpers and hats that I wear now, purchased on our first. The fourth we spent quietly, moving in without anyone else took the need out of buying clothes and trinkets. A quiet day together would just do, some kind words in a thoughtful card and of course that sneaky take-away. Year five brought the question we'd been building up to, and of course, a very firm, overwhelming, yes. Rome was our gift that year, and mine was a fairytale dream coming true. Year six seems almost yesterday, and a new tradition has been born, continuing to year seven we've walked our legs as far as they'd go. Finally embracing the cold, wintery date that we first became a couple. The last two have been spent at the same beach, this year with more of an adventure thrown in. Every year has been an adventure to date. 

As we fall into a new cycle, a new tradition has been born, subtly celebrating the special date for both us and what would be Grandpa's birthday, it seems quite quaint and perfect that our final year celebrating our anniversary in November, where next year it starts anew in spring, has been so peaceful, so comforting and growing.

2016 will bring so much change and so much of a new beginning. Seven years later and starting all again in so many ways fills me with a new excitement and adventure than ever before.

Love Sophie Xx