Friday, 27 November 2015

Stalky Sophie: Return of The Stalk.

Illustration courtesy of Ooh Deer!
So here we are. Another month coming to an end and another list of people that I'm sure you already stalk as much as me because they're all just really rather splendid. On a side note, how great is the illustration above?

Lets get down to the stalk...

  • Sarah at Daydreams of Summertime has opened a shop! It is filled with beautiful things! Go see right now (and then come back and finish reading this...)

  • Charlotte over at The Tea Drinking Rose is in her third trimester and has less than four weeks to go! Send her lots of love and good luck! 

  • The ever fabulous Chelsea at Love In Modern Life posted the most adorable photos of Monty that made me squeal out loud on a crowded train. It's not secret that I long to have a long haired dachshund called Bernard one day.

  • I feel as though Michelle speaks to my soul when she writes. Over on Life Outside London, she takes about not being able to do everything. As someone who laughs a hearty 'ha' at that (it rings so true you see!) I just love everything about her other than being on the wrong side of the 'correct etiquette for a cream tea' Devonshire way. *hiss*

  • Shelby's bridal photos were just incredible. I gawped at every single one. She of course looked beautiful and that setting is like something out of a painting! Gawp for yourself at A Day In The Life.

  • Mark of That Gent Mark has been getting all festive and his photos look so cosy that I want to stalk wherever he goes in real life (getting to a whole other level of stalk now...)

  • Lisette's bedside table is a thing of dreams. It's like every Pinterest lovers perfect collection of beautifully curated items. (I have glanced over to my own, shoddy table that's filled with tablets, half melted candles and many a note in shame). Marvel at it's beauty at Lisette Loves.

  • Rosie from A Rosie Outlook has revolutionised my bath times. Hold the goodamn door. Yes I really said that. As someone who is a total yoga novice but enjoys the attempt at it, travelling for three extra hours a day has left me feeling without the motivation time to actually get my mat and stretch myself into calmness. I also am a total bath fiend. The two combined have 

So that should keep you busy for a little while! I'd love to hear of anyone else you think I'd like to meet! 

Love Sophie Xx

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