Wednesday, 4 November 2015

October Catch Up In Photos.

Treated myself to some bargain shoes in bronze. Because of course I have something to wear with them and of course I had to take a photo of myself wearing them....(guys they might be a little small...)
Left the county for Bristol bound. Stayed in a lovely hotel and business-ladied like no-ones business.

Celebrated first- the hen party of this beautiful friend (and didn't appreciate getting double stamped so much that I took a drunk photo...) AND the weekend after watched her marry her darling husband. (I cried loads all day- weddings are awesome.)

Caught up with my AWARD WINNING (SO PROUD) best friend for some food and impromptu owl handling.

Also caught up with this snazzy little man (You all know form that face!) and my darling Liona. She helped me put the world to rights and planned our weddings as we enjoyed the autumn sun.

And felt many a day like this. Tired, a bit dazed. Lost and quite frankly in a rut. Less of this now please.

It's been a funny old month. In the midst of it I've been struggling. It isn't until looking back that I've realised just what a full and memorable month it really has been. There have been some occasions that I will remember forever with some of my closest friends. Sometimes I guess you just can't see the light through the trees. 

What's been new with you?
Love Sophie Xx