Wednesday, 18 November 2015

The Return Of Wednesday Words. #9

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Late at night when we should be really going to sleep (especially me!) Harps and I can't help ourselves but to turn onto Challenge TV and watch a little old school gameshows. Usually aiming for that prime slot of Bullseye so we can shout with Bully at the tv screen and cringe at the lack of political correctness. Over the last few days however, we caught some classic Catchphrase and I've genuinely spent any moment of relaxation since, giggling at the phrase...

"Like a bear with a sore head."

Now if like me you've never heard that phrase, you may have many immediate questions; Are bears notorious for headaches? What happens when a bear has a sore head? Does one wish to be like a bear with a sore head or is it something to avoid? And is it sore from injury? Are there bandages? Oh how I have laughed and laughed thinking about this recently. Simple things as they say.

"To be in a bad mood that causes you to treat others badly and complain a lot." Is the most common definition that I could find but the origin is a little more interesting. Though some debate between British, American or Australian origins, it's suggested overall that the idiom was coined by early hunters, who when trying to kill a bear found that shooting/attacking their heads directly did little more than anger them. As I can imagine it would!

So there we go. Now you know.

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Love Sophie Xx