Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Oh Hi Again...

Get me, I sound like I'm Adele releasing herself upon the world again... saying that, I haven't actually heard the song yet and I expect it's unlikely that anyone has even noticed my disappearance recently...

Hello anyway, it's funny, for a few weeks now I've been planning on coming back to my little corner of the web and until I actually sat down earlier this afternoon, I had this big shpeel about how I haven't really been anywhere, just a little lost and needed some time to myself (which of course is just as good a reason as any to take a little hiatus!) Sorting through photos has made me give myself a little bit of a break. I've actually been quite the busy bee. And though, yes, I have been struggling with my physical health....and my mental. I've surrounded myself with many a fresh walk, autumn nesting and special times with the ones I hold dear. 

I have missed you all, and as always have been quietly watching in the background. Stay tuned for a little stalk list of course. Until then; I'd love to know what's new pussycat? It seems a general theme of struggling into autumn has been shared by a few. Embracing the colder days and the longer nights has been for me, a big change- though I suppose it is every year. Slowing down in Cornwall this time of year brings a lull to the county that only comes with a seaside home, it brings change about the towns and I find that difficult to sync with. There have been a few clouds over me, but a few more sunny times to help me back again.

That feels better.
Nice to see you.
Love Sophie Xx