Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Netflix Loves From A Netflix Addict. #Boxsets

Let's not pretend that I haven't put off blogging and generally being an adult over the last few weeks ok? It also doesn't take a genius to work out what I've spent a large portion of practical daylight hours doing... *Netflix is like this magic vortex isn't it? So easy to waste a day or two or three..ahem. Another mini confession actually (Jeez I'm full of them this week!) We've been watching, from the beginning, How I Met Your Mother. Couldn't be later to the party if I tried. (Yes I loved it and we've finished it and I'm sad). Back to Netflix though. I thought I'd put together a little post about some of the boxsets we've watched in full in our years of subscription addiction. So what sort of thing are you in the mood for? I've got you covered. (This is the UK version by the way, I'd much rather have the US version though, it has loads of things I want to binge watch aka FRIENDS!)



  • The Regular Show- For a cartoon fix and general tomfoolery comedy.
  • Arrested Development- For a Netflix original series that's full of laughs you'll repeat for years.
  • Trailer Park Boys- For silly, lazy viewing. *Side note, you should totally youtube Liquor and Whores for a great song by Bubbles*
  • Portlanida- A quirky comedy for fans of sketch shows.
  • Brooklyn Nine Nine- A great, original, hilarious and (rare on Netflix) still running!
  • Outnumbered- A quintessential British comedy that pretty much everyone watched when it was on tv.
  • Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt- Leona's favourite and for a great reason.
  • Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp- Nostalgia overload. Make sure you watch this alongside the original film. Also available.
  • Blackadder- I am a massive fan of old British classic comedy and Blackadder is a series that I've loved since childhood.
  • The Office (US version is best but UK version is ok too!)- Both are great BUT Michael Scott is me in 10 years.
  • Fawlty Towers- Another British classic that's probably not quite PC to watch now. 
  • Bottom- Surely this doesn't need an explanation? 
  • Chuck- I really loved Chuck and it surprises me how many people don't! It's cheesy but perfect binge watchable, harmless fun.
  • Archer- I really like cartoons ok? It's hard to find acceptable cartoons to watch as an adult. Archer is DEFINITELY for adults though.
  • That 70's Show- This show never gets old. And it never stops being funny. Even is, like me you watched it when it was on tv when you were younger. Watch it again and love it on a whole new level.


  • House- One of my favourite programmes ever made. Ever.
  • Prison Break- There are many reasons to love this drama. Shirtless Wentworth Miller to name but one. But I loved how clever this show was!
  • Breaking Bad- Just gonna get this out of my system. We totally watched Breaking Bad before it was cool. That's how cool I am. I think it might even be my early viewing that made it so famous. 
  • Gossip Girl- It was after Gossip Girl had finished being on tv when I watched this show religiously on Netflix through one winter. It was probably my first real Netflix binge boxset. And it's legendary.
  • Better Call Saul- I'm still finding my feet with this programme plot wise, but I just love the cinematography that I spend most of my time distracted by how well made it is.
  • Homeland- Let's just say it. Homeland peaked too soon. Watch the first two (maybe three) seasons and then give up like I have. It's too much.
  • Houndini- One of the most underrated and well made BBC dramas I've ever seen.
  • Orange Is The New Black- For all the reasons. Obviously. Though I do think that for prison dramas you should watch Prison Break first.
  • 24- Harps and I started this on Netflix and it's by far the longest boxsets we've ever watched. I loved everything about 24 though and even it's comeback show 24: Live another day, was brilliant in my opinion.
  • Sons Of Anarchy - Honestly, there was a time when Netflix only showed up to season five of SOA and we stopped watching it. By the time the rest has been uploaded we've just never finished it. 
  • Death In Paradise- This is another really underrated British drama. Totally harmless but cosy tv viewing.
  • Dexter- Dexter was the best up until the last season. And especially the last episode before it finished which is probably 1) worst way to end a brilliant series ever.
  • Daredevil- I usually find that these Marvel Universe series are a bit...shit. Daredevil is the exception though and I'm looking forward to the next season later this year.


  • Ted Talks -All- they almost make it feel like procrastination isn't even happening! How can I complain that I've done nothing with my day when I've learnt all about the deep seas? 
  • Frozen Planet- I could watch these shows all day long.
  • Mythbusters- For all those party facts to have up your sleeves.
  • Life- Another must watch for nature lovers.
  • Planet Earth- See above.

Of course I haven't even started on the documentaries or even the film lists. They'll have to wait for another day. In that time, you've got a lot of procrastination to catch up on!

Have you seen any of these boxsets? Maybe you have one to recommend me?

Love Sophie XX

*This isn't part of any affiliation of any kind. I'm just an addict who needs help.