Tuesday, 1 April 2014

April is Here! And Location Location Location: Charlestown.

Good Afternoon glorious April! How happy I am that you are finally here! I was lucky really because I had today off which meant no April fooling for me! Haha! April fools really scares me! This morning I had my usual Facebook catch-up and there were all sorts of horrific lies! Car accidents, immigration, pregnancies, weird news, confusing stories- I just can't take it! Harps is on holiday this week, so we decided to go for a bit of an April stroll around Charlestown. We went crab hunting on the beach, alas, no crabs...except a dead one. (I don't really like crabs anyway, they scare me a bit.) I love Cornwall, as I've mentioned many a time! And if you come this way, be sure to pay Charlestown a visit! It's such a lovely place, and I'm spoilt really, living five minutes away. (Oh and parts of Alice In Wonderland and Pirates of The Caribbean were shot here!) 

After our stroll, we went and had a spot of cake (as you do) in Charlies Boathouse (again). It w\as delicious as always. And we wondered into a little curious corner. It had all sorts of interesting things. I love shops like this! Beano annuals, trinkets, cup and saucers, and this funny looking china dog. It's floral. Haha! Doesn't it look bemused?! AND when my phone Google auto-backed up my photos, it added in The Hoff in the corner of one?! How funny is that!? He looks like David Dickenson popping up to tell us what a bargain it is! Haha! 

Thankyou for an absolutely splendid date day Harps. Love you muchos. 
Oh and visit Charlestown!
Love Sophie Xx


  1. I can't believe I've lived in Somerset for 16 months and haven't ventured to Cornwall yet! Charlestown looks super pretty too :)

    Chelsea xx
    Love in Modern Life

  2. love your blog!


  3. I would like to visit here and eat cake with you one day, thankyouplease. X


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