Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #10 Earth Hour: A World Without Lights, Toys Around The World, 14 Year Old Font Genius, The Most Amazing Marine Life Video & Celebrating Same Sex Weddings in The UK!

Hello there bloggers, vloggers, cloggers, floggers etc etc...Welcome to another week of Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday! This week I've been busy baking yet more deliciousness (see strawberry and cream masterpiece below) and got a new phone case which I think screams Saved By The Bell meets pinata? Don't ya think? I got it from Keep Talking Shop on Amazon. I love it. Anywhooty, theres plenty on news this week to get through, and it's all from I downloaded their app on Sunday and have been obsessed it ever since. (Click on the headings for full articles!) I hope you enjoy!

Also, I've finally sorted myself with the Bloglovin app, so I'm enjoying a much easier way of reading all your wonderful blogs! Please add me aswell if you happen to fancy it!

This Is What The World Would Look Like Without Lights.

The photo below is of Times Square during Earth Hour. Doesn't it look like a totally different place?! I'm all in support of Earth Hour, to be honest I'd much rather be able to see the beautiful night skies more often! Living in Cornwall, I have amazing memories of camping in the summer in deserted places and lying (drunk) under the stars...The sky is amazing at night when you can really see it! I wish I knew more about astronomy, if there are any teachers out there, hook a brudda up?! Click on the heading for more astonishing photos! 

Toys Around the World.

This one was just my favourite. Doesn't this kid look awesome in his cape? I'm definitely going to start wearing a cape around the house more often. Haha! Photographer and journalist Gabriele Galimberti spent a year travelling across 50 countries for her photo project. All of the images are beautiful. I'd love to know if she got the kids to arrange their toys how they wanted to, or if she helped. Either way, the contrast between some of them is stark, and on her website there is a plethora of amazing work to gawp at.

This Marine Life Photographer is just amazing.

Daniel Stoupin's work is like nothing I've seen or enjoyed before. I stumbled across him in Buzzfeed and as mentioned above, please go ahead and read the article on the link. However, if you'd rather just be hypnotised, amazed, and flabbergasted by some microworld photography then have a look at his website because there's so so so much more to see! I literally have spent an hour just staring at my screen at his work. The video that the article mentions is also on the website and is called "Slow Life". It's actually one of the most beautiful things I've ever seen. AND he blogs too! Daniel, you are my microworld hero.

14 year old Suvir Mirchandani discovered as part of a study for his school science fair, that if the government changed the font that they were using, the could save over $400 million! Isn't that amazing?! For my school science fair, I did the whole ice cube and salt trick. Hahaha!

Some of The Most Unforgettable Moments From The UK's First Same Sex Weddings! Congratulations Everyone!

This one you need to click on the link. Congragulations to every samesex couple who are progressing with their fight for equality! And a double congratulations to any same sex couples who've just got married or are planning their wedding. (But if you're planning, give us a hand with mine will you?!) 

And here's my amazing cake. At work we have started doing bake off Wednesdays. Which means lots of yummy cake for me every week. This week it was my turn and I think I could say that it went down pretty well! I haven't brought any home and nobody had to go home from being sick! Happy days! Batman wasn't keen on strawberries and wouldn't let me take photos of him trying "God woman, you're so annoying" (His eyes told me he was saying this.) He's a high maintenence little asshole. 

Love Sophie Xx


  1. Your new phone case is so pretty!! The colours are beautiful :) I am so happy that same sex marriage is now legal in the UK, imagine in 50 years time when kids are learning about it in school? How amazing will that be!?

    Everything that you posted was on my bookmarked pages in my Buzzfeed app. Great minds think alike ;) xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. <3 Everything. All of it. The kids with their toys? So lush.
    And your cake looks magnificent.
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Have a look into international dark sky places - they are incredible places for seeing the nights sky and are located in places designed to mitigate light population too, there's a couple in the UK although I forget where!


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