Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #14 Bob Hoskins RIP, Pigeon Freaking Photoshopped Girl, Amazing Lunchbox Art & Happy 10 Years Mean Girls!

Happy Wednesday midweek lovers! On Wednesdays we wear pink. I'm looking a little concerned here because I considered proving my pink attire by showing you my panties, but that's not fetch so I totally wouldn't do that. 

Incase you haven't realised, I FUCKING LOVE MEAN GIRLS. 


Let us start with the news with a homage to Mean Girls.

If Winnie The Pooh were Regina George. Via

It would be amazing.

Amazing Lunchbox Art Via

Grace makes the most AMAZING themed lunches for her children. I need her to make my lunch every day. Forever. Seriously, go and look at her blog, it's so inspiring! She's got this never ending creativity that I just aspire to have one day. Here are just a handful of my faves. Show me yours! 

We're Going on a Bear Hunt theme.

Easter themed!

Train themed!

Science themed. Serious lunchbox envy.

This Girl Got Freaked Out by a Pigeon and photoshop went CRAZY! Via


Rest In Peace Bob Hoskins. Via

The legendary Bob Hoskins has passed away at the age of 71. The extraordinarily talented British actor was well known in some of the best classics;  Who Framed Roger Rabbit, The Long Good Friday and Super Mario Bros to name a few. The world has lost an immeasurable British Film Icon. 

Love Sophie Xx

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