Friday, 11 April 2014

Life Lessons That I Learnt From Disney.

So recently, I had the rare opportunity to catch up with my best friend Stacie. What with me working full time and her in her final year of her fashion degree (check out her awesome work!) days together are usually cheap AND involving cake, tea and Disney. So I prepared the teapot (made special effort) and got the goodies (jam swiss roll and cookies) and we settled down to watch Tangled (she was shocked that I've never seen it) and Frozen (neither of us had seen it.) I've gotta say, I can't give any sort of review of Tangled because the only part I saw was her magical glowing hair (which is amazing)...Other than that, we browsed wedding goodies. Frozen on the other hand was BRILLIANT. We laughed, we almost cried. It was magical. Which got me thinking; Disney taught me so much! So here is an ongoing list of influences and things I've learnt from my years as a Disney fiend.

P.s. You're welcome for the photos. I make an awesome Bambi! Cheers FaceInHole!

1) Bambi put me off the idea of ever eating venison. Ever. Even though the decision was made when I was five.
2) Reading is cool. Belle says so.-Maybe not in those words.
3) My singing will NOT bring birds flocking around me.
4) The same goes for cute woodland creatures.
5) Infact, the only time I think my singing may have attracted an animal was when a snarling badger chased me.
6) Ohana means family.

7) And family means that nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten. I literally knew that by should you.
8) If you cut your hair and wear a suit of armour...idiots will think you're a man.
9) Toys are alive. FACT.
10) A girl will sell out her home town for a set of legs. (I am NOT a fan of Ariel's. Flounder however is awesome.)
11) A spoonful of sugar will always help medicine go down.
12) Always buy fitting shoes. No ala-Cinderella for me.
13) Don't lie, you'll get a massive nose.
14) Not to bother trying to pull any swords from any stones. I WON'T be able to. And it WILL be embarrassing trying.
15) That I don't like circus animals. The scene on the train in Dumbo still makes me cry...Like I cried last month at it.
16) Same goes for Oliver & Company. Cats should NOT BE SOLD IN CARDBOARD BOXES. This makes me well still thinking about it.
17) Alice In Wonderland taught me what getting high looked like.
18) That spaghetti and meatballs is the food of love.
19) If you can grab a prince, happy days. If not, show your woman power!
20) That everybody wants to be a cat.
21) That people are fancy in Paris.
22) Even mice can spy on you- a'la Basil Ze Great Mouse Detective. Big Brother is watching.
23) It's whats inside that counts. But a general rule when watching Disney is that the good guys will still be the best looking, and the bad guys will have warts and be ugly.
24) Not all rugs are magic carpets.
25) Tarzan is was hot.
26) As is was John Smith from Pocahontas.
27) Hiding in a big cathedral won't get you anywhere.
28) Saying that, neither will making a mess of yourself all over the town....nor will talking to gargoyles.
29) Film sequels will be a life disappointment. (Excluding Toy Story)
30) Every part of enthusiasm/knowledge about ancient Greece is thanks to Hercules.
31) Which is why I know nothing about ancient Rome. Missed a trick in my learning there Disney! *Shakes fist*
32) Monsters in the cupboards are real. But they are probably just as scared of you as you are of them.
33) You'll probably meet the "prince charming" type...he'll probably be slimeball.
34) What a clown fish looks like.
35) There will usually be a happy ending....depending on when you count to be the ending.

The list goes on and on.
No doubt I'll be adding to this sometime.
No doubt I'll think of 20 more things as soon as I post this.
Share with me the life lessons that Disney's taught you!
Love Sophie Xx


  1. This is hilarious!!!
    Like your blog!!!
    Cheers & wink ;)

  2. Aaaaaah I love this!!! You missed you out when you're in trouble you write a letter, stick it in a bottle and 2 cute little mice will come save you <3 ie. Don't be afraid to ask for help :) love yooou!

  3. Aaaaaah I love this!!! You missed you out when you're in trouble you write a letter, stick it in a bottle and 2 cute little mice will come save you <3 ie. Don't be afraid to ask for help :) love yooou!

  4. I learnt that you should rub all the lamps. Always. Just in case. Also, the circle of life? It moves us all.
    You make a better Stitch than actual Stitch.
    M x Life Outside London


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