Friday, 18 April 2014

Easter Eggstravaganza!

Happy Good Friday Easter bunnies and easter chicks! What beautiful weather I have had on my lovely bank holiday! And we all know how much I love a bank holiday! It's like I get it off specifically because I work in a bank! That's right, yeah? So I'm sorry I missed Thankful Thursday yesterday, I was out with work buddies having a drinking dinner evening. I got home not too late but rather merry and full of delight. Causing Harps to stay awake much longer than I think he's intended. Resulting in him asking me; "Do you have any idea how loudly you're talking?!"...Oops. So this morning as he trudged off to work (he doesn't have such bank holiday privileges) I decided that this afternoon I would hold him an EGGSTRAVAGANZA hunt! Well I couldn't find too many eggs, so it was more of an easter delight hunt. I also decided that this is Batman's prime time for photos so brace yourselves for a BATSTRAVAGANZA WEEKEND! 

On my day off I took my mummy's spaniels for a walk with her in the sunshine! Dylan is the eldest and we had him since a puppy. He's getting a bit old and grey now, so he just seems to plod along calmly. Tink was taken in by my parents about a year ago. Her best friend contacted her and told her about this dog near where he lived that was being treated badly and had been rescued. But she had such a lovely temperament and he thought my parents would be able to give her a perfect new home. So they've added her to the family. She's batty as anything. She's loving the spring time, chasing butterflies on her walks. We had a great time!

This Official Tea Chart is just awesome. I think that this should be on every wall...everywhere. I hate it when people make a bad cup of tea. I'm a Nigerian Sunset kinda girl. How about you? 

And here's the eggstravaganza! I've decorated Batman's hang out spots with easter bunting and included it in Harp's hunt! He gave him a bit of a helping hand! It was pretty damn fun. I'm pretty damn awesome.

Stay tuned over the weekend for Batman's very own special easter diary!
Love Sophie Xx


  1. Cuppa Cobana for me please :-)

  2. I'm somewhere between a Mr Tea and a Peanut Safari, thanks for asking.
    And yes, you're pretty damn awesome!
    M x Life Outside London


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