Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Weird and Wonderful New Wednesday #11 (With Batman) How Crazy is The English Language?! Metalheads With Cats, Time Lapse Firefly Video, FREE Amazing Things To Print, FAIRES COULD BE REAL & BUNNY ISLAND!

Good Wednesday everyone! I hope that the sun is shining upon you, wherever you are! This week Batman has decided to join me in writing this post. No seriously, here's a photo of him all over the laptop. "Helping". So it seems that it is both of us bringing you our favourite news this week! Accompanied by some snazzy photos of our faces. Batman is a bit of a drama queen when it comes to making him pose. He's either really IN the mood...or really not. Sometimes he charges at the camera "NOOOO, I'M HAVING A BAD HAIR DAY!" And other days he's like "Oh go again, you didn't get my best side." Like pet like owner I suppose. As always the links to the full articles on all of 'my' news stories will be on the headers. And yet again it seems to have been a bit of a Buzzfeed week to be honest. With a few other bits and bobs thrown right in there!

Fireflys. By Vincent Brady.

This is absolutely beautiful. So hypnotic. The time lapse images were taken by Vincent Brady and the music is by Brandon McCoy. Listen to it aswell. It fills me with spring hopes and summer excitement. I could watch this all day.

Metal Cats. By Alexandra Crockett.

This isn't really news either. Well it is. It's a photography book being released on 6th May which is all about metalheads with their beloved cats. Now we all know that (close your ears Batman) that I FUCKING LOVE CATS! More than any other animal in the entire world. This book is adorable. And perfect...or should that be puuurfect? No? Sorry. It's such a nice metaphoric way of showing stereotyped people. Some of my faves include:

 The English Language is Crazy! 

This hurt my head. Alot. But is so true. It made me think about the non English speaking/reading people that would read this blog. I'm sorry you've got no hope. I can barely use the English language as my first language! I'm even less confident after seeing this. Besides I make up words like 'sozages' and 'funsies' so really there's no hope for you...or for me.

I WANT TO PRINT EVERYTHING FROM THIS LIST! I'm still working on reducing my use of caps lock when I'm excited. Bare with me...its is a tough adjustment. Still here are some of the best AND DID I SAY FREE?! things that you can print! All the photos will take you to print em off! get a printer....
Pie Holders!
House Shaped Lumineers...These are what made me share this! Aren't these beautiful!?
A Cute Easter Wreath!

A British Man Claims To Have Photographed REAL FAIRIES! Via

John Hyatt. You, my friend, are my hero of the week year. YES. What do you guys think?!

Bunny Island. Via

I've left this last. Batman thought it'd be best to leave this until last. So as we can let you know that we are OFFICIALLY EMIGRATING TO BUNNY ISLAND! How did this place stay secret from me?! The island close to Japan was originally used during WWII for the production of poisonous gas. As it was kept top secret, it goes relatively undiscovered. BUT THE BUNNIES RULE IT! BUNNIES EVERYWHERE! It's actually our destiny.

So on that note, So long from Batman and so long from me! You'll find us frolicing in the sunshine on Bunny Island.
Love Sophie and Batman Xx

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  1. I wonder if there's a spaniel island...
    Your face makes me happy and so do REAL FAIRIES.
    Wicked Wednesday :o)
    M x Life Outside London


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