Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Batman Diaries #1

A day in the life of Batman is pretty pretty hard to beat. He loves routine, and though he isn't the cuddliest of pets, I'm here to convince you that a Netherland dwarf rabbit could be perfect for you! *Please excuse the morning photos and my face in them*. 

Batman is a house rabbit. During the day he roams free, usually hanging out pretty close to wherever we are at the time. If one of us is home alone, he tends to be more cuddly, but you can usually either find him staring at himself in the mirror, sitting on his hammock or sleeping in the sunshine. Like me he feels the cold and during the winter he's most likely under the radiator or on the sofa. Usually he'll come upstairs and have some greens whilst I have a cup of tea and watch Jeremy Kyle, then he'll go and find a spot for a snooze. Don't let this fool you though, Netherland dwarf rabbits are CRAZY! He runs faster than most medium sized dogs and he loves a bit of a drift around corners and hurdling obstacles. Having lots of time to run is important for his legs and he takes full frolic advantage when he can *I may or may not currently be building bunny hurdles*. Check out how malty he gets! He had a good ol comb after this was taken! 

He's pretty sneaky too. He likes to challenge himself to get to new places. See Harp's bedside table above. He spends a lot of time balancing on the back of the sofas, he's climbed up the stereo before and tried to jump into the bath once as well.  When we're downstairs we keep him with us using a makeshift door (applaud Harps for the sewing, not me) and he's pretty keen to get upstairs all the time so he jumps up on two legs. Isn't he a cutie?! And though his hutch is pimpin, he has so much fun that we have to herd him home on a nightly basis. 

It's taken about a year and a bit for Batman to become affectionate, he ain't giving that love to just nobody! But now he comes and sits on my lap for strokes, runs up to us when the other one gets home from work, kisses me on the nose (if you haven't had a bunny kiss then you haven't felt absolute joy!) and even licks my face sometimes. (Probably pretty gross, but if you think it's gross and not adorable then I'm sorry but we can't be friends). Overall, I adore my crazy, fussy and sneaky bunny rabbit. He's become a best friend. 

Love Sophie and Batman Xx


  1. Ah, too cute! My bunny (Magic) is a house bunny too and I really cannot rate house rabbits enough! They're like cats, but WAY cuter :)
    Kirsty (Miss Tea) and Magic

  2. I'm a bit in love with Batman, can he write blogs too? I think he'd be f*cking awesome at it. Maybe a little beauty post, he was checking himself right out in the mirror up there!
    M x Life Outside London

  3. Aww he's gorgeous. I've had rabbits in the past but not for a few years now. They are my favourite animal and when I get my own place I want to get another one :)
    Naomi xo

  4. He is soooo cool!!! I really want a pet but my landlord smells and won't allow it. What a cutie!! x


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