Thursday, 3 April 2014

Thankful Thursday.

Happy Thankful Thursday thankers and non-thankers! I hope that you're all enjoying April so far! Isn't it nice just to be able to say "It's April."...It may or may not have been bleddy cold and raining today though...I realised that I haven't shared my lovely mothering Sunday with you all. Well let me tell you, I'm most certainly thankful for that! I bought my mummy some daffs but in my busy state didn't look and just asked the florist possible moonlighting crack dealer   for the freshest bunch he had....They may have been a little too fresh? I also got her a lovely No7 beauty kit and we went and walked FOUR YES FOUR spaniels. It was wonderful. Then we had yummy roast. Yum yum yum! 

It's been a busy and long old week. I'm pretty stacked out at work. But of course, there's always the time to be thankful. (and I'm getting there with planning my posts.)

1) Bosom Buddies UK- BosomBuddiesUk is a charity that was started by a lovely local lady (Pauline Giles) when she battled and won her own fight with cancer and wanted to help others. A dear friend of mine is doing a firewalk to help raise money for them and any sponsors would really help. I'm thankful to you, Paul Morgan, for helping to fight against cancer.

2) Whaling ban in Japan- I'm thankful that the whales are a step closer to being safe.

3) People holding the door for me- Thanks kind people, you restore my faith in humanity! I'd gladly do the same for you!

4) My glasses- Did I mention it's been a long week? Working in finance means that the end of tax year IS THE BANE OF MY LIFE. Thank you glasses for stopping me from going blind.

5) The series 24- Ok ok, so I know I've missed the train with this one. But thanks Jack Bower for confirming my suspicions that I would make AN AMAZING SECRET AGENT...Maybe with a bit of help to stop using caps lock?

Also, a few of you bloggers have stopped me from going insane this week.

Thanks to the following:

Michelle- EVERY post you write makes me roar with laughter somehow! Most recently being your sexy new work clothes post. I wanna see you get your work wear on!
Sunae- Your post on your illness really made me make this post much less crabby than it would have been. You are awesome and I adore you. P.s. Your new Wednesday Wishlist is AMAZING!
Tanya- I have constant hair envy and I wish I could pose like you do! Your photography is inspiring.
Tracey- Always a pleasure, never a chore. I can't wait to write about our recent adventures when the second image is done!
Jojo- Your post about bunny ears hair scrunchie has made me decide that I NEED one in my life. I'll be getting the sewing kit out this weekend!

And of course, it goes without saying; thank you especially to the wonderful Liona for always being a babe and making me laugh out loud so much that Harps looked up from the tv on your Wednesday Loves post. And to the super duper Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful!

Have a great week everyone!
Love Sophie Xx


  1. I am so happy about the progress with the whaling ban! Yay for whales! I am sorry that work is a big load of shit for you. xx

  2. YOU are such a darling . I love your bloody blog. I can only apologise that it's taken me this long to catch up with this post!
    Expect some love from me to you in my next post... <3 xxx


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