Thursday, 24 April 2014

Thankful Thursday!

Good Thursday to you all! I hope that you're all having a glorious week?! I've gotta say, mine is quite the mixed bag. You see,  I was peacefully enjoying my mini easter break until Tuesday and since going back to work on Wednesday I'm starting to wish I'd run away with the easter bunny to the land of easter until next year. But hey ho, there we go. 
Oh and I'm feeling much better today, last night did result in curling into a ball like a fragile possum and having a cry about how much my tummy hurt. Proper adult right here.

A few things to be thankful for. 

1) My organisation station.- That's right! The vitals were all there on macbook delivery day. I bought this notebook from TkMaxx as a birthday present for my bestest Stacie. Foolishly I left it on the spare bed which has increasingly become Batman's day-bed and I came back the next day to find suspicious little gnaw marks all over it. So sozages Stacie, looks like that one's staying here. I love Jane Austen and it says "There's no charm equal to tenderness of heart."...I'm also reading Angela's Ashes which is the book beneath my snazzy notepad, but I'll do a book review when I finish. Hooray for tea and jelly babies though!

2) Cornish being recognised as a minority.- Isn't this great news!? I'm not Cornish myself, but Harps is (not that he has an ounce of heritage in him) and my Facebook newsfeed has been flooded with this today. So many of my friends are over the moon about it.  Congratulations Kernow folk!

3) Not feeling lonely.- I'm a funny old fish (shark) and sometimes, for mostly no reason at all, I find myself feeling incredibly alone. I think it usually happens at Grandpa important dates. Since writing this, making bloggy friends (I hope) and making more effort with the real-live ones that I have, I haven't felt like that. Also, so many open and honest posts from other bloggers make me feel sane and  grateful and not as crazy as life sometimes feels. Lisette I'm looking at you. Thank you.

4) Trust.- Some friends confided in me at the end of last week, about very different matters. I'm thankful that those people feel that they can trust me.  I've got a good ol set of ears! 

5) Speaking in funny voices.- It's so rare that Harps and I will actually use our regular voices when we talk to each other. It makes me laugh. Does anyone else do this?!

As always thank you to the ever fabulous Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful. And to the very bodacious Liona for the same. (Also does anyone else say "Oh Leona" like "My Sharona"??)...

Love Sophie Xx


  1. Oh my god, I thought I was the only one who says "Oh Leona" like that! This just made my day :) I am thankful for you this week. You and a few other bloggers who make me feel less lonely and more resentful of the fact my mum's family ever left the UK ;) xxx

  2. Number 5 - my boyfriend mostly sings at me... Honestly, we're so weird, pick up the most recent tune heard on the radio and sing everything to that! X

  3. Pretty (and slightly toothmarked) notebook, tea and jelly beans is an excellent combination, and you have me rather craving sweets now, which is bad as I have scoffed myself silly with Easter eggs for the last couple of weeks and I really should start easing off on the sugar.

    I know what you mean about feeling alone - sometimes, for some reason, it makes me feel slightly more alone that a lot of my close friends who I tend to confide in are bloggers who live hundreds of miles away; I do miss having friends that pop in for a cup of tea, I must confess!

    PS - I hope the last few days have been less mixed bag and more good bits xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook


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