Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #12 AAAHHHH I Cut My Hair! Nirvana Plays As Original Line Up, A Baby Geep Is Born! A 13yr Old Mongolian Huntress & Easter Rabbit Celebrations In Prague!

Good Wednesday people of the world! This week it really has felt like happiness is in the air hasn't it?! It's all that sunshine going to my head! On my day off I put on a flouncy vintage dress that I got from a charity shop years ago (it's a bit big round the o'l boobies so I have to hoist it up with a belt!) I'm looking forward to Easter weekend! I've got three whole days off and I'm looking forward to some lovely family time at Mother's Easter Roast (it's quite the event) and a spot of time with Harps. What are all of your Easter plans?! I'd love to know!

Now for some news! As always the links are on the headings, unless they're clips I found on Youtube after reading newspapers! Enjoy! 

Nirvana plays to 200 people as original line up.

So isn't this awesome! Minus Cobain, the original line up of Nirvana played for a crowd of 200 people. Doesn't Dave Grohl look so happy! Yes! 

HELLO THERE LITTLE GEEP! That's Right, A goat-sheep! Via

YEAAAAHHH GEEP! This little sheep-goat or goat-sheep was born after some saucy affairs! The farmer's reaction is priceless! 

Ashoi Pan was the beautiful young lady, a rare sight as a female huntress, captured by the brilliant photographer Asher Svidensky whilst travelling in Mongolia. The power of the eagle is dominant in all the photos, but Ashoi looks so free, they're really all pretty spectacular. My hero of the week definitely goes to Ashoi Pan for inspiring a new generation in Mongolia.

Easter Celebrations Rabbit Obstacle Course In Prague! Via

YES YES YES YES! I'm not gonna lie, I had every intention of trying to stage a version for this for Batman for all of your Easter delight. I'm not gonna lie. He's pretty hard to convince. I shall persevere in hopeful time for Easter weekend! 

And here's my scary new hair cut. Not look like much you may think. To be honest I thought so first...kind of. I really should learn not to cut my hair whilst dancing around in the bathroom. Remember like Sabrina the Teenage Witch (Jenny) tells us: Hair grows. 

Love Sophie Xx

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    Geeps are amazing. Cute little things!x


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