Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Weird and Wonderful News Wednesday #19 Offering to Drive Drunk Strangers Home for Free, Bicycle Tricks From 1950's, Liquid Colour Sculptures & Embroidery Silhouettes.

Good Wednesday Wednesdayers, how are we all today? Waiting for the weekend I expect, if you're anything like me? Which of course you are, otherwise you wouldn't procrastinate so much reading my ramblings. Before the news of the week, which is once again a bit shit due to my love of sunshine and children's book reading to Harps, (he's 25 and LOVED it..I'm sure...Michelle liked it more I think) I just wanted to thank you all for your support following yesterdays post about grief. I got a message from a friend of a friend last night, who sadly is going through the initial heartbreak for her own dad, as we speak. She thanked me. Of course it made me cry, everything does this week. And I guess, I want to thank her too.  I know exactly how she feels. Exactly. And despite my rambling list of it being ok to be heartbroken right now, it gives comfort to know that someone else benefitted from reading it and not just me from writing it. ...And on that rather depressing note, let's check out some amusing and interesting stuff...

Driving Drunk Strangers Home For Free. Via

Alex Sheen stood in front of a bar with this sign, founder of the Because I Said I Would Group, 'to better humanity through promises made and kept.' I just think if more people were like this, what a better world we would live in. In fact, others have followed suit and since this news going viral, there have been plenty of others that have done exactly the same. Hero of the week in my books. (P.s. I don't drive, otherwise I would be joining in!)

'In all the challenges that our society faces, remember that we all play a role. We can make a promise to care about the safety of others.
We can make the promise to never drink and drive. But do not hide behind ‘we’.
It is your sole responsibility. The only person in this world you can control is yourself.
Please share the memory of this innocent man.
Rest in Peace Vincent Canzani.'

Nastasja Duthois- Embroidery Artist.

Such a talent. Such an interesting craft! 

Liquid Art Sculptures. Via

Floto and Warner Studio created these liquid art 'sculptures'. Images taken of colourful liquid and using stop motion photography, capturing them in these beautiful arrangements. 

Bicycle Tricks From the 1950's Via

Right let's crack on with the rest of this week.
Love Sophie Xx

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