Saturday, 14 June 2014

Creative Inspirations of the Month.: June. Marc Johns, Rachel Atulomah, Emily Soto, Katie Rodgers and Jenny Liz Rome.

Good day or night fellow flowers of the summertime! 

Here's some arty farty types that have been keeping me gawping at their work for one way or another over the last month! Still going through quite the illustration phase, and loving it. All images will take you to the source (nobody likes a thiefy!) 

Marc Johns Serious Drawings.

Because they're awesome, and funny and make me want to pick up a pencil. 

Rachel Atulomah Illustration

The first two images are from a 'Strange Dreams' series, which I just love the idea of! Her pictures are so imaginative! Does anyone keep a dream diary/journal/record? It's something I've been thinking of starting...but I'm not sure what I'd really do with it? Send my strange ones to Rachel I suppose? 

Emily Soto Fashion Photographer.

The composure of her images is just brilliant, wouldn't you agree? I follow Emily on Facebook and Instagram and just love seeing her work as I'm scrolling through.

Katie Rodgers Paper Fashion.

These were created as part of an editorial spread, but I really love the use of illustration and photography! Aren't they beautiful and dreamy and spectacularly amazing?

Jenny Liz Rome Illustrations.

Jenny's attention to detail is fascinating but I especially have loved looking at her work because the illustrations are all quite dark? I love them.

So there you go. That's what's been inspiring me this month. How about you? 

Love Sophie Xx

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