Sunday, 8 June 2014

Before I Go Back to Work...

A list of thanks.

  • Thanks Batman for definitely NOT caring for the cherries I saved for you.
  • Thanks also for trying to help me do the gardening.
  • Thanks Jeremy Kyle for making me belly laugh and cringe in horror at the same time.
  • Thanks sunshine for trying to make an appearance one day out of fourteen. Not.
  • Thanks Harps for being official tea-bearer for the majority of our time off.
  • Thanks Friends of the Earth for sending me some super bee saving seeds. Just text 'flower' to 70060 to find out all about helping the bees too with some free seeds! Even if you live in a flat with a balcony (here's looking at you Liona) you can help!
  • Thanks Lidl for feeding me with pastries literally every other day and contributing to my new thunder thighs.
  • Thanks for my fancy new birdy dress.

  • Thanks cows for keeping me all stocked up on milk for my copious amounts of tea consumed.
  • Thanks Amazon for next day delivery so I can catch up on Game of Thrones before I go back to work.
  • Thanks to Santander for matching the fundraising me and my little bucket did on Saturday.
  • Thanks CHICKS for looking after me. (I'll tell you all about this soon!)
  • Thanks Budweiser for not giving me a hangover. Wine, I do not thank you.
  • Thanks Harps for dressing up like a giant bear and being an all round good sport.
  • Thanks baby wipes for helping save me after being a giant bear.
  • Thanks WI for giving me some super honey based recipes! Watch out for these!
  • Thanks to everyone that ensured I had plenty of laughs on Friday night.
  • Thanks mummy for the many conversations over "what to have for dinner."
  • Thanks Cornwall for being a bleddy lovely place to live.

Love Sophie Xx

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