Thursday, 12 June 2014

Thankful Thursday.

Good Thursday happy people! I say happy people under the assumption that you're covered in glorious, never ending, cloudless sunshine like I am this evening. If you're not...sozages...

So I'm midway through the 'back to work week'...and it's not too bad..just kidding, it's fucking horrific. Oh my god, how long do mornings last?! For the last two weeks, it's been an achievement if I've finished watching Jezza, got a pastry down my gob and finished my second cup of tea by midday! It's made me realise just how much of a sleepy person I am. Seriously, sleep is just amazing isn't it? I chuffing love sleep.

I was trying to show off my ampersand tattoo in this photo, may have just realised that the photo needs to be flipped. Meh, I'm not going to change it, I'm just letting you know I've noticed.  P.s. Look how long my hair's getting! 

A spot of thankfulness...

1) Planting Success.- As you saw sometime last week, I've become rather green fingered. I find gardening really relaxing and I'm becoming super interested in plants. Since planting my bee seeds (see here)  and my super duper aloe vera houseplant I've become obsessed with monitoring the growth. I'm becoming a right little scientist...or horticulturalist...or gardener....Anyway, thanks little plants for not dying on my just yet! I'll nurse you to life!

2)  Science.- I don't mean GCSE science in any way at all. Let's just make that clear. I didn't really grasp, well any of it when I learnt it. Too busy getting high with my friends than revising I expect. Anyway, I watched a very interesting physics documentary the other day and at some point, it stuck with me when they explained that the reason we find it so hard to grasp science at school is because everything we're taught is the 'victorian science.' I.e. The basics. So much of what we know has changed since all that gubbins, that all that is obsolete really as soon as we've learnt it. Knowing this has perked up my little ears that maybe it's not too late to be an astronaut or a surgeon or a chemist? Cheers science for making yourself appealing to me again.

3)  Mindfulness- I've been practicing the art of mindfulness since I started my time off. I feel more relaxed, more focused and more in control of my thoughts.

4) The smell of sunshine.- I LOVE SUN. Even finishing work today, coming home, grabbing my book and running to the garden. All the stresses and bother just vanishes (helped by mindfulness) and all that's left is a pretty freckly Sophie.

5) Banana Loaf- Because it's delicious.

As always, a massive thanks to the bombastic (whatever happened to Shaggy?) Liona and Lisette for inspiring me to be more thankful.

Love Sophie Xx


  1. Haha so true with the Jeremy Kyle and stuffing of faces, that is exactly what I do with every day off! New follower :) xxx

  2. Let's be banana loaf eating, sun worshipping, mindful astronauts together? Some of my all time favourite things in one.
    Nice barnet too.
    M x Life Outside London


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