Friday, 6 June 2014

Batman Diaries #3 Meeting Pops. *With Strong Language*

Wassup Bitches! (Oh Batman, you have such a potty mouth!). Last week I got taken to the nail bar to chill with ma homeboys and get a manicure- ya know what I'm saying? (It appears though Batman has turned rather street.) This babe came out, I remembered her, maybe from that bar last month, maybe from that strip joint I was caught in the other year. She grabbed me in a way I like (far too much information Batman) and made ma nails all trimmed and badass. (Batman makes a terrible street-hooligan by the way.) 

Then, suddenly this old fella gets brought to ma yard ( and this bitch is telling me he's ma pops. I'm telling them all, I ain't seen him since I was born, he ran out on my ma and left me and my hoe sister, Precious (Don't call her a hoe Batman, she's dead!). Gotta say mannnn, some shit's going down here for them to bring him out. He told me to wise up, stop acting the fool I am and chewing door frames, get ma act together and start a family. I told him "But pa, these fools had ma nuts removed". Then he bitch slapped me and said "You ain't no son of mine boy! I'm too old for this shit." And I was all like; "Ma nails look fly, lets bust out of this joint."

Crazy shit man. 

So they finish off their bizz and we get rollin back to my crib. Ya'll know they got me a little summin summin for being such a creepy sick pimp. (you've been watching too much Joey Essex Batman. He is NOT gangster.)

Peace. (Oh dear)
Batz....(You're called Batman, idiot.)

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  1. Batman appears to have gone wrong. Very very wrong.
    He's a funny mother tho'.
    M x Life Outside London


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