Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Introducing...ATP Illustration & Batman and I Have Gone Technicolour!

I first discovered ATP Illustration on Instagram, I'm not quite sure how, I'm not one of those people that 'browses strangers Instagram pages'. But anyway, I came across Alfie's work and followed him instantly! @atpillustration and Twitter @ATPillustration. His illustration is exactly my sort of art; tattoo based and inspired, attention to detail and original. It's so easy to tell that his work is by him, that I can be scrolling through Instagram first thing in the morning (BEFORE TEA!) and know instantly when I see his work. Which I love. I think so many artists don't spend enough time developing their own style, so I certainly appreciate it.

Don't Batman and I look fabulous?! I love that instead of the original photo of my ironing board in the background, carrots and diamond rings are there. Our favourite things! Haha! 
I was lucky enough that Alfie is a total babe, what with me being totally rubbish recently and he even answered a few questions for me that I wanted to share with you all! 

Your illustration style is quite personal and recognisable; when was it that you discovered what works for you?

Well most of my work is black and white to start, if I want to add colour I usually use photoshop. I can actually pin point when I started to draw in black and white using fine liners and posca pens. It was in the second year of uni, I was doing a project on overfishing, I was using poscas to draw everything and found that black and white really suited me. My tutors at the time told me I was really finding my style and this is when I decided to really develop this way of working. 

Where do you find your most inspiration?

Tattoo culture plays a massive part in the way I draw. I take a lot of inspiration from traditional tattoos, sort of mixing my own style in. Big illustrators that influence me are Rik Lee and Tom Gilmour, their status is where I one day aspire to be! Most of my work is influenced by nautical themed things, or wildlife. You'll always find some reference to tattoos in my work to, I even gave you one.. because thats how I usually draw woman, with a heart tattoo.

What's the big dream?

Haha the big dream? Who knows, Ideally become a world famous illustrator, marry my girlfriend and settle down. But right now, it's find a job in a design firm so I can save money for the future. I'll always be plugging away with my freelance work, trying to build it, so that one day that's my soul job. I'll get there eventually. 

What's coming up this year to keep an eye out for?

Errrm, well recently I did some work that will hopefully be used for orange mobile, fingers crossed! There'll be various t-shirts coming out with my designs on! and there's always my company Co Conspirators Clothing to look out for, hopefully one day competing with the big dogs in the fashion world. 

See, I told you he's awesome. And I'm going to know him when he's rich and nurrr.
You can check out more of ATP Illustration on the above sources, or pop to the shop on;

Love Sophie & Batman Xx

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  1. What a smashing header, he's captured you and Batman so well!


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