Sunday, 22 June 2014

How to Bake a Delicious Honey Cake.

Good first day of summer to all of you! I hope that wherever you are, you're enjoying sunshine, the smell of BBQ's and that you're not too burnt because you didn't use suncream! Today I thought I'd drop by with a delicious recipe that a wonderful woman from the National Federation of Women's Institutes gave me when I was visiting the bee tent at Royal Cornwall Show just the other week! I'd been excited to try it, so when I discovered that it was my baking week (we have a longstanding Great Banking Bake-Off Wednesday in my work) I knew I wanted to try this. I was lucky to get some super delicious Cornish wildflower honey and I made sure I got some local feee range eggs to help our friends, the hens.  I'm a bit of a sprucer, so  I spent ages bumbling around on Pinterest for inspiration as to what to add to my delicious cake; until Harps told me to stop faffing and just make it plain. (I still snuck a few raisins in though.) I've got to say, it was one of the easiest cakes I've ever made and went down a right treat! Perfect for summer days ahead! 

200g SR Flour
2 Eggs, large
125g Butter
150g Honey, clear
100g Soft Brown Sugar
1 tbsp Water
Optional – 1 tsp Mixed Spice or a few Flaked Almonds or raisins 

1. Set oven Gas 5 175C
2. Grease and line a tin 28cm x 18cm
3. Put the sugar, butter and honey in a large pan and melt together
4. Allow to cool
5. Beat in the eggs, water and flour (and spice if used)
6. Mix well
7. Place in the cake tin and sprinkle with flaked almonds if used and bake for about 35 mins until firm

And hey presto! Perfect and long lasting honey cake! I didn't add the almonds or mixed spice, mainly because it was too sunny and I didn't want to go and source these things. I'm sure it'd be delicious with them!

Love Sophie Xx

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