Monday, 9 June 2014

Travelling Tattoos Inspiration.

Hello there fellow tattoo loving friends. I'm jumping at the assumption that you've clicked to read this out of interest for tattoos? For those that have clicked purely to wonder what the hell that photo above is of? Is it actually a ball of yarn?  I hear customers and yourselves cry? Yes it is. I tell customers (and people that I don't care to share in-depth conversation with) that it's because my Nanny was a seamstress. Load of bull, by the way. Wish it was true, but nada. It's actually the first in what I hope to be many of travelling tattoos. Harps and I want tattoo sleeves and decided our theme would be places we visit. Even if we break up, it's a reminder of great places in the world right? So I didn't want to start my sleeve before I get married and decided to get this little bugger. Now for the reveal: It's actually a ball of hemp (hence the green) because when we visited Amsterdam, I was amazed about the uses for hemp! We even saw a guitar made of of it! Harps has a bike on the back of his leg, it was his first tattoo. The ball was my sixth and is perfect with my cat shoes.

Anyway, since Rome, we've both been weighing up what to have for there. Harps wants to start his sleeve and is looking at very manly gladiators and sharp objects (it's not very interesting, hence his inspiration not being here.) I have taken many different approaches and now need your help to choose on the final piece. All of the below are from my Pinterest page, just click on the link and all are inspired by Rome. I'll explain as we go...

1)Da Vinci, surely the most amazing man to come from Italy? Virtuvian Man/ The Flower of Life.
2) I like the idea of a compass but the arrow pointing to the word Rome. Symbolising the phrase 'All roads lead to Rome.'
3) Roman numerals. A little bit overdone? But pretty spot on to represent Rome?

4) The Roman Labyrinth. I love this design but I think I prefer 7? I'm worried this will either look too splurgy or too structured? If that makes sense?
5) and 6) The Acanthus Leaf.  Used in Roman architecture EVERYWHERE, this is a pretty idea that is subtle too? I like the use of it WITH the compass? The only thing, is that my other tattoos include a hummingbird and a rose and I'm a little worried that this turns it almost into a scene from Ground Force? 

Help a brudda out?
Love Sophie Xx