Thursday, 19 June 2014

Thankful Thursday.

Howdy there Thursdayers! Welcome to a quick and lazy thankful Thursday. If you've already swung by Liona's post, which of course you have, she's the bomb diggity, you'll know that we had a rather pleasant end to our not so pleasant days. I had been in a cramped room all day learning all about the kind of things you need to learn about in my sorta work, and she'd been at work all day too. We met up afterwards for quite possibly the most therapeutic dog walk ever. Probably because Rex is a massive babe.

1) Thanks to Leona.- For the physical dropping of my tense shoulders and the beautiful catch up. As one of my best friends, time together is always awesome, even if it is only like an hour. We're planning a lovely picnic before the sun goes away for good and I can't wait!

2) This snazzy shirt. - Thank you shirt for saving me from what was sure to end up being severe heat stroke being in my suit on such a glorious day. Kudos for looking like a mens bedtime pyjama shirt. The best kind in my eyes. Cute pocket for a gentlemanly handkerchief or pen too.

3) The thoughtful people.- That were so kind to me on Sunday. Fathers day marks the beginning of a tough couple of weeks for ol Sophie. I've been wanting to write a post about how I'm feeling right now, I'm just not quite ready....and a bit scared. (Also a special thanks to Harps for cracking more jokes than a Christmas cracker to keep me smiling.)

4) First Great Western.- For being on time today. Hey, I know it's not much, but I doubt these guys ever get thanked...ever...Although I didn't appreciate the snarly woman asking for my ticket. Just saying.

I really intended after my lovely time with Liona to put a bit more thought into this weeks post. I'm afraid I got distracted with my Moomin book. Sozages.

Thank you to Lisette for her most inspiring posts (and her new love of marble!) And to the effervescent Liona, for being brilliant.
Love Sophie xX

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  1. I really am so thankful for our nice little walk :) It was just lovely! x


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