Saturday, 7 June 2014

Plymouth College of Art BA Hons Fashion Show 2014.

So the last three years have totally been worth it. It all came down to that exact moment above when my girl, Stacie strutted down the catwalk at the end of her BA Hons fashion show and my heart just leapt out of my cheast with pride for my best friend. Her final collection was amazing, as was many others. I love a good fashion show. Typically my camera wouldn't charge so I was left with ol phone camera again. Sozages for the quality again. Also sozages that I seem to have misplaced my list of artists and designers, so please if you can help, tag away in the comments and I'll add as I can! 
So my date for the evening was the super snazzy Lois (that isn't his name but it keeps an air of mystery about him) who is Stacie's boyfriend (we're actually lovers, she has no idea.) We arrived a bit early for the main event so spent some time checking out the life drawing work. He found it a bit hard to look anywhere with the amount of painted penises around, but some of it was just spectacular. I'd wrestled this giant pretzel just before we left but bit my tongue the hardest I ever have in my entire life. If Lois hadn't been watching, I surely would've cried. It bled for absolutely ages and meant that for the next four days I could barely eat or drink. Harps just laughed. Prick. Fucking pretzel.
After a complimentary glass of champers, we settled down for the show. Practiced our best reaction faces to the models, just to put them off, and got ready to clap our little hearts out. (FYI- We did and it bloody hurt.)

I took loads more photos but they barely came out. There wasn't one single photo that I took of Stacie's Collection that was usable. Dang nabbit. Isn't there some amazing talent though? Please again, tag anyone below and I'll get them linked in! 

Here are a few snaps of it in all it's glory though. Click on the images for credit.

And the only other photo I got. Proudest. Friend. Ever. Hire her. Now.

Love Sophie Xx

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